Monday, April 13, 2015

Scott Eastwood Dry Snitches on Ashton Kutcher's Cheating

Scott Eastwood admits Ashton Kutcher cheated with his girlfriend causing the break-up of his marriage to Demi Moore.

Andy Cohen dug up some dirt on Watch What Happens Live.
During Thursday's episode, a viewer phoned in to ask Jon Cryer if it was awkward working with Ashton Kutcher on CBS' Two and a Half Men, given that Cryer dated his co-star's wife, Demi Moore, in the '80s. The sitcom star, who detailed his brief romance in his memoir, So That Happened, amiably answered the question. Before moving on to the next topic, however, actor Scott Eastwood dropped a bombshell.
"If it makes you feel any better, he did sleep with one of my ex-girlfriends," he said. "Great!" Cryer joked.
"But she was my current girlfriend at the time, so yeah," the Longest Ride star revealed. Cryer cringed, telling him, "Oh! Ouch!"
"Wait!" Cohen said. "He slept with her while you were together?"
Eastwood laughed and replied, "Yeah."
If he saw Kutcher today, he added, "I'd shake his hand."
"It was, I think, the catalyst that broke—"
"—That broke you up?" Cohen asked, interrupting his guest.
"No, that broke up him and Demi up," Eastwood clarified.
Cohen's eyes grew wide as an equally stunned Cryer said, "Oh, jeez! This is way...OK, I need a drink!"
The host knew a little bit more than he let on, asking Eastwood, "Was it the girl in San Diego?"
"Yeah. It was her and her friend," he said, without identifying either by name.
"Yes! Right! I read about that in Us magazine, actually," Cohen recalled.
"My buddy and I dated those two girls at the time," Eastwood said. "Scandal!"
Eastwood doesn't have hard feelings about what allegedly transpired that weekend. "Are you pissed at him about it?" Cohen asked. The 29-year-old Suicide Squad star shook his head. "No, not at all," he said.
Of course, Kutcher and Moore's marriage had been on the rocks for some time.
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