Friday, April 17, 2015

Jessica Simpson's Life Spinning Out of Control

Jessica Simpson's life is spinning out of control in a whirl of booze and prescription drugs.

JESSICA SIMPSON’s out-of-control behavior is destroying her marriage, tearing her family apart and even endangering her children!
The 34-year-old star’s world has crumbled into a real-life “house of horrors” riddled with booze, drugs, gay sex, violent fights and bitter family feuds, multiple sources told The National ENQUIRER.
“Jessica’s life has turned into an awful mess,” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “She’s wrecking everything in her path!”
The stressed-out bombshell is reportedly using a cocktail of drugs and booze to soothe her nerves – while at the same time, her nine-month marriage to ex-NFL star Eric Johnson is unraveling amid physical fights and wild mood swings, insiders revealed.
The mom of two is also feuding with her former manager dad, Joe, over his flamboyant “gay” lifestyle, and sniping at younger sister Ashlee over petty jealousies.
Disclosed one insider: “Physically, Jess is struggling and close to having a full-on breakdown!
“Her support system is falling apart too, because she’s on the outs with her parents and her sister, and constantly fighting with Eric,” said a Simpson family insider.
Even Jessica’s children – 2-year-old daughter, Maxwell, and 1-year-old son, Ace – are suffering, explained the source. “The kids have been acting out, throwing tantrums and rebelling by misbehaving and talking back to Mom and Dad,” the source said.
What’s more, pals fear Jessica’s obsession with losing weight has her heading for an overdose, as The ENQUIRER reported. Jessica – who dropped 70 pounds after Ace’s birth in 2013 – relies on the prescription drug Adderall to keep her weight at a rail-thin 92 pounds, according to reports.
Even though sources close to Jessica insisted it’s “not true” that she swashes the two substances, other insiders suggested she routinely guzzles alcohol, including her favorite hard liquor, Scotch.
Experts warn that mixing prescription pills and booze could lead to a brain hemorrhage, kidney failure, muscle breakdown and psychosis.
“Jess has weird fits and tantrums,” the source said. “One minute she’ll be staring off into space like a zombie, and the next she’ll jump up and start screaming, ranting and raving about how screwed up and dysfunctional her family is.
“I’ve seen Jess go from sobbing and crying, to laughing hysterically in the span of 15 minutes. Her moods are unpredictable and scary.”
Shockingly, the biggest casualty of Jess’ instability is her husband, 35-year-old Eric. After a boozy date night on Feb. 5, he sported a cut and battered nose after Jessica reportedly bashed him with her purse when she saw him flirt with another woman.
“When Jess flies off the handle, her behavior becomes downright scary,” added the source. “She’s thrown plates at home, and she’s pushed and hit Eric in front of the kids. She slams doors and screams when she’s in the grips of a tantrum. “She could be a danger to herself, as well as others!”
Adding to Jessica’s woes, she’s dealing with her father’s troubling behavior: The ENQUIRER revealed exclusively in 2012 that Joe “came out” as gay, leaving his family confused and heartbroken.
Said the source: “She’s disgusted by her dad’s betrayal by ditching her mom to lead a gay lifestyle, and she constantly clashes with her mother because Tina lectures Jess about needing to provide more structure for her kids.”
If all that weren’t enough to tear the family apart, another feud bubbled behind the scenes, as Jessica warned Ashlee not to marry partyhearty Evan Ross, the son of Diana Ross! Ashlee, 30, and Evan, 26, are now expecting their first child – but the sisters have grown apart.
“Jess trash-talked Evan forever, but he’s turned out to be a devoted husband,” revealed a source. “Now Jess is jealous of Ashlee, and rather than being happy for her, she needles Ashlee about not being as successful as she is! “Jess is alienating everyone close to her. She’s on a downward spiral, and those close to Jess can see that, behind closed doors, her life is an absolute nightmare.”
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