Friday, April 17, 2015

Kim Richards Arrested in Beverly Hills for Assaulting Cop

Former child star turned reality TV star Kim Richards arrested after assaulting a police officer in Beverly Hills after a drunken tirade.

Kim Richards was arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel early Thursday morning -- after allegedly going on a drunken rampage and kicking a police officer ... TMZ has learned.
Sources tell us ... Richards had been hanging out at the famous Polo Lounge inside the hotel and was asked to leave because she was too hammered and being "unruly."
We're told Richards went to a bathroom and refused to come out. Cops were called to the scene and we're told they had to "drag her out" of the bathroom.
Richards -- who has struggled with substance abuse in the past -- was reportedly belligerent, slurring her speech and reeked of booze.
We're told Kim was taken to a nearby jail -- where she allegedly kicked a police officer.
She's been charged with trespass, resisting arrest, battery on a police officer and drunk in public. Cops issued a citation to Richards -- and she was later released.
Richards' sobriety was called into question on the recent "Real Housewives" reunion special -- when Lisa Rinna suggested that Kim was on something during a car ride earlier in the season.
Kim had admitted that she had taken a pain pill -- but was adamant she had not fallen off the wagon.
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If she was black the cop would have shot her ass said...

Chronicles of entitled, drunk, druggie yt bitch. should have put that hoe in a chokehold like they would do another citizen without fame for kicking a cop. unarmed mf out here getting shot left and right by cops, straight murdered running away, and these entitled raggedly ass yt bitches kicking cops, I bet you they did not taze this hoe, or brought the billy club to her skull, yt america and their spoiled asses need a krakka wake up call.

Anonymous said...

You are right 4:55. She assaulted a cop by kicking him. Had she been black, there is no doubt that would have been reason enough for the cop to kill her claiming he "feared" for his life. Disorderly conduct would have been handled with an illegal chokehold resulting in death as well. Or, if lucky, she would have been beaten into a coma.

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