Wednesday, April 8, 2015

John Travolta Blackmailed by Scientology Over Gay Secrets?

Sources claim Scientology leaders are holding gay secrets over John Travolta's head.

With the shocking tactics of Scientology being laid bare to the world, it’s said John Travolta confessed his GAY SEX SECRETS to top Scientology figures – in clandestine “auditing sessions” recorded for the church’s “blackmail files!” Speaking to The National ENQUIRER, former member Jesse Prince said that he had direct knowledge of what was specifically said in one of those shame-provoking meetings!
“I can confirm that John Travolta once ‘threatened’ (in an auditing session) to marry his boyfriend,” said Jesse, who claimed to have held the church’s second highest rank when he left in 1992.
“There’s no question [Scientology] had a lot on John’s gay activities, and used it to keep him from leaving – and to keep him in line!”
While John’s lawyer denied the claim and added he “has never been blackmailed by the church,” Margery Wakefield, a onetime high-ranking member of the church, told The ENQUIRER that the secret recording “is done behind celebrities’ backs.”
For their part, Scientology representatives have long insisted that “the church treats the secrets of parishioners imparted to it as sacrosanct” and “never discloses them” – but Margery claimed the tapes are tantamount to “blackmail,” as “the church holds these files and tapes as an insurance policy.”
Despite his association with the powerful church, the “Pulp Fiction” actor – who married fellow Scientologist Kelly Preston in 1991 – has spent his film career fighting persistent gay rumors.
In May of 2012, two male masseurs filed sexual battery suits against John in federal court. His attorney vehemently denied their claims, but several more men have come forward with similar accusations. John’s former personal assistant Joan Edwards, who worked for him from 1978 to 1994, told the ENQUIRER: “Of course I knew he was gay!” In a devastating blow to his lifelong battle, John’s former pilot, Doug Gotterba, claimed in the papers of this publication that he’d carried on a six-year affair with the star. Both claims were rebuffed by Team Travolta.
Jacked from The National Enquirer


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No real church will use blackmail because that is not of GOD unless that GOD is Satan now be will blackmail and manipulate you all day.

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Is this a secret?? John cruises gyms and spas all day!! John get you money back.


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