Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Kylie Gropes Sister Kendall's Vag

Kylie Jenner sticks her hands down sister Kendall's pants on SnapChat.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner may give you some eye candy here and there on Instagram, but apparently Snapchat is where the party's at.
The two ladies have been sharing a bunch of gems on the widely used social media app (thanks to Kylie's account) and the latest will just leave you speechless. While watching the 17-year-old's "story" today, you'll experience a bunch of noteworthy moments.
For instance, there's Kendall licking the straw of her juice, then there's Kylie illustrating how hard it is to grind on Kendall's booty because she's so tall, and then there's the moment that will you have questioning if you should continue to watch or not because it makes you slightly uncomfortable but then you can't look away so it's very confusing...
And that's when Kylie does a reach-around and puts her hand down Kendall's pants. Yup. It even shocked the gal-pal recording the video.

When she's not showing the world just how close she is with her older sister, Kylie issnapchatting sexy selfies and even photos of herself hanging out with rumored boyfriend Tyga.
Just last week, the brunette babe flashed her famous pout and attention-grabbing cleavage that outlived it's 10-second lifeline on the app, thanks to a screenshot and the Internet. She also posted a photo of her and Tyga while the rapper was on the phone with a sunglass emoji face (because he's so cool and stuff, get it?).
Nonetheless, we can't wait to see what type of adventure Kylie's Snapchat story will take us next.
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Anonymous said...

WTF? this family is truly disgusting! They have NO boundaries or morals! Now they're promoting incest?! Their pimp of a mother screwed that family up severely! Gross!

WTF???!!!!! said...

very nasty....that's why black men are bewitched by them. they are down for whatever!

Anonymous said...

I'm not shocked, or surprised. I remember the episode of KUWTK several years ago, when these 2 were much younger, and they were swinging around a stripper pole. That right there told me what kind of path they were on, especially since Kris didn't have a problem with it, but Bruce did. However, as you can see, he couldn't control them, and went off the deep end with his sex change and all.

Anonymous said...

Not shocked. They aint doing shit but advertizing to their sponsors. I bet Kylie has a hooking profile on the deep dark web, just like Kendal.

Anonymous said...

Well I remember a episode where Kim & Kourtney challenged each other to see who could drink the most pineapple juice. Then they wiped their vagina & asked Khole who's vagina smelled the freshest. They're fu*king gross.

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