Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kim Kardashian Cropped by Orthodox Jewish Newspaper

Jewish newspaper crops Kim Kardashian after deeming her a pornographic symbol.

She typically commands attention.
But on Tuesday, Kim Kardashian was cropped out of a photo for what may be the first time ever.
The 34-year-old reality TV star was captured dining in a non-kosher restaurant in the Holy Land alongside her husband, rapper Kanye West, 37, and Jerusalem's mayor, Nir Barkat, on Monday.
Following the outing, Mr Barkat posted a photo of him and the famous couple on his Twitter page, writing that he had joined Kanye and Kim 'to toast and celebrate hosting them in our beautiful city.'
However, the next day, only Kanye and Mr Barkat were pictured in the photo, reprinted in an article on the ultra-Orthodox news site, Hakikar. Kim, meanwhile, was obscured by a copy of the $692 bill.
And in another photo, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star - who was captured sitting at the dinner table, with one hand touching her glossy brunette locks - was reportedly blurred out,
The article itself - which condemned Mr Barkat for dining at a non-kosher venue and for the pricey bill (including tip) - referred to Kim as 'the wife' of singer Kanye, the Washington Post reported.
Ultra-conservative Jewish news organizations typically avoid printing photos of women because they deem them sexual in nature - and have cropped other famous females out of photos in the past.
Kim and Kanye were visiting the Israeli capital on Monday with their 22-month-old daughter, North, and Kim's sister, Khloe, in order to baptize their little girl at the site of Jesus Christ's crucifixion.
Although they were perhaps not portrayed favorably in the Hakikar article - which was headlined 'Barkat hosts famous couple in non-kosher restaurant' - not all of the press shared the same view.
Other photographers enthusiastically followed reality TV's first family as they visited Jerusalem's Old City - the reputed location of Jesus's death - to go to the Armenian church, St James Cathedral.
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