Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kris Jenner Threatening to Sue Bruce Jenner

Kris Jenner threatening to sue Bruce Jenner for Defamation over Diane Sawyer interview.

While most of the Kardashian clan seem supportive of Bruce Jenner's alleged sex change and his highly anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer, one family member is reportedly left panicked and anxious: Kris Jenner.
The former wife of the 65-year-old Olympian is allegedly "beyond concerned" about what could be revealed about her family during the tell-all special and is so worried, that she's threatening to file a defamation lawsuit.
"[She's] demanding that he let her see the Diane Sawyer interview and what is filmed so far of the documentary,” a source told 'Radar Online.' "Kris told Bruce that if he defames her in any way, or their brand, she is going to sue him for everything that he is worth."
It's been speculated the 59-year-old's meltdown was triggered after reportedly seeing Bruce for the first time with breast implants. She even allegedly asked him to cover up his new curves as it was clearly an adjustment for her. But it seems like all of this anxiety might be for nothing, as the source also confirms Bruce has no reason to talk badly about the momager.
“Bruce would never badmouth Kris because she is the mother of his children and he is appalled that she would ever accuse him of such a thing.”
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Is Bruce gonna tell Diane how Kris hijacked his balls, come on Kris don't sue, we all know you had It In you

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