Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rita Ora Replacing Christina Aguilera on The Voice

Rita Ora will replace Christina Aguilera on The Voice next season.

There could be a new blonde on “The Voice” next season – as producers plan to replace CHRISTINA AGUILERA with ROB KARDASHIAN'S ex-girlfriend, RITA ORA!
“They’ve approached Rita to step in as a vocal coach,” an insider revealed to The National ENQUIRER. “This isn’t the first time Rita has replaced a ‘Voice’ judge.
On the UK version, Rita replacedKylie Minogue, and she’s been great!”
Christina’s fans know the “Voice” star takes off every other season to spend time with her family.
“Gwen Stefani stepped in last time, but she hasn’t signed her contract to return,” said the source.
That provides a big break for Rita, 24, who became famous in England while auditioning for a singing show in 2009. Ever since, the songbird has worked hard to become a star in America.
She’s appeared in “Fast & Furious 6” and “Fifty Shades of Grey” – and even hooked up with Rob of the Kardashian clan!
That affair began in 2012, but Rob soon bitterly broke up with Rita – saying, “She cheated on me with nearly 20 dudes when we were together!”
Meanwhile, “This could be Rita’s chance,” the insider said.
“She’s sassy, fun and the producers love beautiful blondes!”
Jacked from The National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

i know this is the national enquirer, so it's probably bullshit, but in case it's actually true.........

WHY does jay INSIST on pouring $$$ into this chick? it's obvious she's NEVER gonna happen, regardless of all the payola magazine covers, endorsements, award show spots, walk-on parts in movies, etc., etc. she must give killer head and eat ass like it's a buffet in order to keep getting all these gigs in spite of not having any kind of music career.

Anonymous said...

^ yeah this

Anonymous said...

ITA @7:14 I'm sure in a few years she'll appear on Love & Hip Hop London

signwithclass said...

First of all, this chick just got in the game. Secondly, most people don't know who the hell she is. Agree with 7:14

Anonymous said...

That is totally disgusting, as her only talent is whoralizing... I will stop watching The Voice; between her and the convicted criminal Pharrell.

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