Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lewis Hamilton Branded Sexist for Spraying Hostess with Champagne

Race car driver Lewis Hamilton criticized for spraying a Chinese Grand Prix hostess in the face with champagne.

The F1 racing driver has been criticized by Twitter users and Object, a leading group which campaigns against sexism, for his 'selfish and inconsiderate' act after winning Chinese Grand Prix.
Lewis Hamilton is under fire after spraying a hostess in the face with champagne after winning Chinese Grand Prix on Sunday, April 12. Object, a leading group which campaigns against sexism, slammed Lewis for his "selfish and inconsiderate" act.
Roz Hardie, chief executive of Object, said, "The photographs appear to show that the woman is not just being splashed, but that the champagne is being very specifically directed into her face, which does not look like a voluntary piece of horseplay on her part. If this is the case we think Lewis Hamilton should apologize for his actions and think carefully about how he behaves in the future. For most people, it would be apparent that she is not enjoying it."
"It is surely a very difficult position to be a grid girl and she would have had little option but to stand there and take it," Roz added, "That is something of which he should be aware. But instead, he appears to have abused her position. It's unfortunate that a great victory has been marred by what appears to be selfish and inconsiderate behavior."
She explained, "Motor racing appears to unnecessarily portray women as sexualized objects and that probably makes it even harder for the women to stand up for themselves. We would hope people in the industry would be respectful to these women."
Some Twitter users blasted Lewis, calling him "bully" and "disgusting." A user wrote, "Man please stop spraying Champagne on the Podium Ladies. They don't like it." A second user tweeted, "Have a bit more respect for the ladies please. Spraying Champagne in her face was out of order #child #idiot." A third user posted, "Shame on you F1 and Lewis Hamilton for disgraceful treatment of women during champagne celebration#sexism."
Lewis' representative hasn't commented on the issue yet.
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