Thursday, April 16, 2015

Paris Hilton Shades Kim Kardashian with Amber Rose Pic

Kim Kardashian's arch enemies Paris Hilton and Amber Rose team up for a little Coachella shade aimed at Kim.

PARIS Hilton got a bum deal when she bumped into Amber Rose at Coachella this weekend.
Model Amber’s backside hogged the attention - and the majority of the room - in a snap uploaded by Paris after they met at the music festival in California.
It’s no wonder she’s regularly billed as a rival to Kim Kardashian.
Billionaire heiress Paris, 34, was clearly impressed too, captioning the pic: “Always love seeing this #SexyBae @AmberRose #Coachella”
Jacked from The Sun  


Anonymous said...

but paris is a non-factor at this point. few people outside of the paps she pays to take her picture care about her anymore. she was probably trying to recruit amber into her stable of prostitutes.

Anonymous said...

where's the shade?

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