Monday, April 13, 2015

Madonna Tongue Wrestles Drake On Stage at Coachella

Madonna slaps a wet kisses on Drake during his Coachella set.

Drake‘s headline set at Coachella was never going to pass without incident.
The Toronto rapper brought out Madonna (while performing ‘Madonna’, naturally), but didn’t look like he knew what was coming when Madonna full-on kissed him on stage. 
His face says it all:

Jacked from Fact Mag  


It Miss Cunt to you hoes. said...

Damn I just violently hurled looking at that, shit probably smelled like rotten ass tonsil stones. madge crypt keeper looking ass need to keep her succubus tongue, but then again drakeisha has slept with lil wayne walking dead looking ass, so he's used to nasty filthy whores with raw sewage breath and stank ass body odor yuck!!! I feel nasty looking at this fuckery.

Anonymous said...

Just nasty. Nobody wants to see that.

Anonymous said...

At this point, Madonna could/should just sit back and rest on her laurels, and leave the stunt queen moves to the younger set, like Miley and Rihanna. But seeing how she built her career on being stunt queen, I guess old habits die hard. I'm sure 20 years from now, she'll still pull the same shock tactics that stopped being shocking after she kissed Britney at the VMAs.

NBA is fixed said...

Drake needs to wash his mouth out with rubbing alcohol, baking soda and at least three bars of soap.

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