Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tom Cruise Funds Entire Scientology Org Says P.I.

A private investigator allegedly hired by Scientology head David Miscavige claims Tom Cruise is the made funding source of Scientology.

Tom Cruise underwrites so much of Scientology, people connected with the Church root for the success of his movies, even when they suck.
P.I. Daniel Powell, who claims to have been hired by the Church to tail the father of Scientology leader David Miscavige, joked with cops ... Tom was the biggest moneymaker by far in the Church.
In fact, Powell wisecracks that Tom is probably paying the $10k a week salary to keep tabs on and harass Ronald Miscavige.
But the movie reference is hilarious, and we're guessing he's referring to "Oblivion," which was released in April 2013, one month before the P.I. had his chitchat with cops.

Jacked from TMZ 


NBA is fixed said...

The I.R.S. will arrest and incarcerate Wesley Snipes for tax evasion, but they won't go after these crazy, deranged lunatics. You have to be completely nuts to worship a deceased, fat white guy who wrote stupid science fiction books.

P.S. Will Smith is a sceientologist

Its Miss Cunt to you hoes said...

Before its all said and done, Tom's ass is going to be broke and he will probably commit suicide. I see the disbanding of this wack ass cult of lunatics in about 20 years or less. its a money pit and they blackmail and fleece their blind sheep's who are ripe for financial slaughter in that bootleg ass "religion: some humans on this planet are so stupid and easily led, I never understood the whole cult mentality.its a pity too cauze he's worked so hard for his money over the years and gave it away to spiritual hucksters and slick ass oil salesmen lol.

Anonymous said...

He is definitely bainwashed anytime you will deny your own child because of a religion.

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