Friday, April 3, 2015

Magazine Apologizes For Calling Rihanna Jay Z's Wife

Veteran magazine forced to apologize for article naming Rihanna as Jay Z's wife instead of Beyonce.

The New Republic has been reporting on politics and culture for 100 years but it totally got one important thing wrong. In a panning of Jay Z's new Tidal streaming service, a staff writer confused Rih for Bey, referring to the "Willing to Wait" singer as Hova's wife.

-They apologized for the mistake later:

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Anonymous said...

lol please they ain't slick they did that on purpose. I bet beyonce made sure some heads rolled for that one. That's funny

Anonymous said...

Fan fucking tastic!!! Ain't that some shade. I bet Beyonce rocks herself, and cries herself to sleep watching Rihanna videos on continuous play, wonder how Rihanna slipped through the net, and got so big, LMAO

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