Friday, May 8, 2015

Andy Cohen Admits Sleeping with Lance Bass

Andy Cohen spills the beans on hook-up with Lance Bass.

Fans knew Andy Cohen and Lance Bass shared a kiss, but how far did they go?
While sitting in the hot seat for a short segment with Sonja Morgan on Tuesday’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” Cohen, 46, shared that he and Bass did a lot more than locking lips.
“The most famous person I ever slept with I guess is … Lance Bass!” he blurted out during the awkward and uncomfortable Q&A.
Bass, 36, shared during a 2012 interview on SiriusXM that the kiss (and maybe more) went down Valentine’s Day 2007 aboard a yacht — and alcohol was involved.
“It was a nice little sunset kiss, very romantic,” Bass added of the kiss. “But obviously nothing went anywhere.” Bass married Michael Turchin in December.
Jacked from Page Six

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Andy gurl you looking parched in these streets, not a good look said...

Andy get yourself together, your a big time producer, dishing on stuff like this is beneath you, its makes you look super thirsty, trashy and tacky. your supposed to be a mogul act like it sheesh. and I robot looking Lance too gurl you could have kept that secret, you looking might parched revealing that.

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