Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Madonna's House Infested with Rats

Madonna red faced after fans notice a rat running through her apartment during a video chat.

Even a superstar like Madonna isn't immune to rodent problems.
The 56-year-old "Living For Love" singer hosted an AskAnythingChat with Romeo Saturday Night Online in her home this past weekend, and during the fan Q&A, a rat is spotted running behind her.
Jacked from Fox News


JJSantoro said...

Well she lives in New York where there are more rats than people. That is one filthy city. No Surprise she has one.

Even the rat gave this thirst bitch the side eye said...

Cosign with Jason, NY is such a filthy ass city with overpriced real estate, this tired ass broad was upstaged by a fame whoring rat, is this bitch wearing gloves? these idiots and their creepy attempts to hide how decrepit they look without all the fancy lighting and soft lenses, her and that dusty ass vampire looking, fried dried hair, flabby body with a tie chocking his turkey neck Karl Lagerfeld with those gloves to hide their aging claws are hysterical, Judy Dench shits on all you hoes by aging gracefully and beautifully.

Anonymous said...

that reminds me of a line i read in a book, can't remember the title, but one of the characters says "hell, even jackie o got roaches!" lol. madge need to set some traps.

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