Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bad Attittude Sinks Katherine Heigel's Show?

Katherine Heigel's nasty attitude to blame for her latest career setback?

Katherine Heigl once commanded $15 million a film and was considered to be the next Julia Roberts. But now that NBC has cancelled State of Affairs, a source close to the network tells exclusively that the 27 Dresses actress may never resurrect her career to those heights — and her attitude is to blame!
“NBC killed off four shows that were in their freshman year, but this was the first to go,” the well-connected industry insider says.
“No one was upset to see this show go because Katherine was just as atrocious to work with on this as she has been on past projects.”
“She was demanding … and is just not that great of an actress to begin with,” claims the source.
The 36-year-old actress’ career has taken a nosedive in recent years. The drama started in 2007, when Heigl called the film that she starred in, Knocked Up, “sexist.” Later that same year, Heigl got even more heat when she dissed Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes by declining consideration for an Emmy, claiming that the writing for the show wasn’t good enough to elicit a nomination.
In Dec. 2014, while promoting State of Affairs at a benefit celebrating The Trevor Project’s 16th Anniversary, Heigl told Radar, “I have plenty of people that are more than happy to put me in my place,” seemingly referring to Rhimes.
Jacked from Radar Online


NBA is fixed said...

This dumb becky thought her blonde hair and her white skin would elevate her to A-list status? She thought wrong! This chick made the same mistake as Kim Delany. Never ever insult the people that made you famous! The Hollywood mafia made her career, now they're breaking her career; and her bank account. I guess Katherine Heigel will be doing high end prostitution from now on. I don't give a shit!

Anonymous said...

Only thing I ever like Katy Heigl in was that Disney movie "Wish Upon A Star" and that's it. IDK what's up with her funkazz attitude.

Minimally "talented" basic bitches overestimate their worth and appeal said...

Aint nobody checking for this basic bitch and her basic mediocre acting. its time these yt trash bitches get their wake up call.

Anonymous said...

she probably already had a jacked-up attitude before her moment of fame, and being famous only made it worse. like nba said, she'll join the ranks of formerly employed actresses and hit the international call girl circuit to keep her bills paid.

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