Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dame Shirley Bassey Slams Beyonce's Mete Gala Gown

Not everyone was impressed with Beyonce's revealing Met Gala gown namely legendary diva Dame Shirley Bassey.

IT was all about the BASSEY when DAME SHIRLEY was in her heyday.
But the fiery Welsh diva believes she earned her status as a sex symbol the classy way – unlike her modern contemporaries.
She feels controversial minxes including MILEY CYRUS and RIHANNA are a bad influence on young girls. Dame Shirley said: “It’s like they’re all in competition to see who can wear the skimpiest outfit. I mean, come on!
“When I saw the Met Ball the other night – and BEYONCE’s gown I was like, ‘Excuse me?’”
The Goldfinger singer believes current stars will struggle to emulate her longevity, which has lasted more than six decades, if they go down the X-rated route.
Speaking at the Shooting Star book launch in London, Dame Shirley added: “Yes, my dresses were sexy but I left a lot to the imagination.
“These girls are talented, they don’t need that.
“I say go in the studio and get a vocal coach to strengthen your vocal chords.”
Jacked from The Sun


Anonymous said...

She is so spot on, they are in competition with each other! It is shocking that Beyonce stooped this low and competed with these lesser girls.

Anonymous said...

Beyonce is low level herself. "Lesser" girls? Beyonce is no better. She is an insecure silly woman

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