Saturday, May 23, 2015

Colton Haynes Easing Out of the Closet?

Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes vacations in Greece with openly gay pals.

Looks like Colton Haynes is slowly making his way out of the closet as he vacations with a high profile group of WeHo uber gays! Yes, Gawd!! Colton was spotted "frolicking" around Greece with the likes of former promoter Steve Machuca & his entourage headed by Kevin Don.

In the mix - Chad Hudson, Kevin Don, Daniel Arias, Steve Machuca & two others.
We wonder if he's going to have an entire coming out party this summer or if this is it! To be honest does he even need to come out? Those nearly naked makeout photos of him in XY magazine came out nearly 10 years ago. Too bad his attorneys threatened us with distribution of child pornography even though no genitalia was in view... we hope the vicious Hollywood agents that tried to keep him in the closet suffer a long painful Lumbar puncture.
Jacked from WeHo Confidential  

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No one cares about your sex life said...

I can't wait till this "I'm coming out the closet shit goes away" I'm so tired of these raggedly ass gays thinking anyone care about their damn sex lives, such a bunch of fucking attention whores. people on this planet got far more interesting and pressing matters to attend to than somebody's sexual preference, as long as its not fucking with minors why is this bullshit even a story, and why am I even commenting?

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