Saturday, May 9, 2015

Lance Bass Shuts Down Andy Cohen Sex Claims

Lance Bass says no Andy Cohen D went in his B.
According to Lance Bass, a fling between the NSYNC star and Andy Cohen never happened.
The singer is setting the record straight just after Cohen admitted that bass was the “most famous person” with whom he ever had sex.
While its been a known thing that the duo have “made out” in the past, no one knew sex was ever in the equation until Andy was deliberately asked on Watch What Happens Live, “Who’s the most famous person you ever slept with?”
Bass opened up about the situation on his Dirty Pop radio show on Thursday, saying, “First of all, I’m not going to tell you what I do in the bedroom. Sex is a broad term. Like ‘Andy banged Lance’ — when did he ever say that? This is an old story. Three years ago we told everyone we hooked up… Now it’s getting into who did who? I can just tell you right now, there was no Andy D going in my B.”
“I’m not going to tell you what went down… but it’s not what people are thinking,” continued Bass, recalling the brief 2007 encounter her had with the Bravo host during a vacation with friends. It “was so nice and romantic and it was just a nice time. It was one of those things where I needed someone to hold onto.”
“I just played it off like it was a kiss,” he said regarding when he had previously opened up about it three years ago. “Why would I go into details?”
And to help calm the storm he started, Cohen tweeted Thursday, “Hey kids I ‘revealed’ that fling w/ sweet Lance 3 years ago already… We’ve been through this before and he’s a married man now! #OldNews.”
Bass’ husband, Michael Turchin, also chimed in on the issue, tweeting to Cohen, “@Andy Haha I don’t mind so no one else should!!” Cohen retweeted the message and wrote, “From the husband! Get over it kids.”
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Damn Andy he ain't even claiming yo ass said...

Andy should have kept his damn mouth shut, now you looking thirsty as hell revealing a fling with a washed up boy bander who ain't even claiming yo ass. that shit looks all types of "I'm Not Going to be IGNORED, Dan!. not a good look Andy.

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