Saturday, May 9, 2015

Diane Sawyer Says Bruce Jenner Stinks?

Insiders claim Diane Sawyer complained about Bruce Jenner's foul odor.
ABC newsbabe Diane Sawyer just revealed a breathtaking SECRET SCOOP regarding her ratings-buster Bruce Jenner interview – and hear the whole world GASP: Turns out Diane’s headline-making opinion is that trans-Jenner … er, STINKS!?
Reports My Sawyer Voyeur: “Diane pulled no punches when she sniffed to a pal congratulating her after her interview with Bruce that ‘it’s not ladylike to smell like an old cigarette ...!’ When the pal said, ‘HUH?’, Diane confessed that the toughest part about doing the hours-long interview was that Bruce reeked of stinky smoker’s breath – then kept taking cigarette breaks! She insists that the ex-Olympian’s breath was absolutely repugnant the entire time. But Diane’s always been strongly anti-smoking. She even got her late husband, director Mike Nichols, to quit his habit because, apart from worrying about his health, she just hated being around the smell!”
Hey, Bruce, got a mint?
Jacked from The National Enquirer 


Stop hyping lame ass stories said...

I just loath when the media hype up these bullshit stories, ain't nobody checking from Bruce and his downward spiral into mental illness or Diane's ass, wtf is so gasp!! about this wack ass story? what needs to be said is Bruce callous killing of that woman he rammed into and didn't skip a beat , or showed any hint of remorse. fuck him and that clan of succubus, vampire werewolves he calls a family. a deplorable bunch of vapid, self involved pathetic fame whores .

Anonymous said...

Bruse Jenner is a Freak who still loves and wants to date women? What happened Bruse did you go limp or something like that! Most whom go through these operations want to change their whole lifestyle!change themselves! You have become a Freak and not be celebrated but condemed. You are not a Man nor woman but a It!!!!!!!!!!

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