Saturday, May 9, 2015

Lindsay Lohan Pulls Community Service Stunt

Lindsay Lohan attempted to complete community service hours via Facebook.
Before she asked a judge to move her court-ordered service to Brooklyn, the “Mean Girls” actress tried to serve hours from the comfort of her London apartment, new court paperwork reveals.
Lohan attempted to log time in January and February by organizing and posting photos to the Facebook page of the U.K. charity group Community Service Volunteers, according to paperwork sent to a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge. “Unfortunately, a member of staff gave Linday a memory stick so she could do this work at home,” the log obtained by The News stated.
“I apologise,” the staffer who prepared the CSV log filed in court Thursday wrote. “The member of staff was not aware that hours could not be done at home.”
Lohan, 28, earned other hours by going into the CSV offices where she mailed new business cards to staff and worked with the IT department “tagging” computers, the log said.
The actress was ordered to complete an extra 125 hours of community labor earlier this year after the prosecutor on her Santa Monica, Calif., car crash case challenged some of the 240 hours she submitted to satisfy the original sentence for her 2013 reckless driving conviction.
At a progress report hearing Thursay, Lohan’s lawyer said her client was having trouble finishing the time with CSV after the group moved more than an hour and a half away from her London residence.
Jacked from The NY Daily News


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Anonymous said...

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