Thursday, May 14, 2015

Miley Cyrus Covers Khia My Neck My Back

Miley Cyrus covers rapper Khia's one hit single 'My Neck My Back.'
Miley Cyrus smoked a joint and sang the dirty version of Khia’s “My Neck, My Back” at the Adult Swim Upfront party at Terminal 5 in New York on Wednesday, shocking even the most jaded audience members. Dressed in butterfly wings, white translucent stretch pants, and pink pasties covering her nipples, the nearly topless singer repeatedly sang, “Lick my p*ssy and my crack!”
But that wasn’t all. Not only did Cyrus light up a big blunt, as she gyrated onstage, but she also offered the joint to people in the audience, many of whom were journalists covering the event. The singer told the crowd: "Are you guys drunk yet? Are you guys high yet?” she asked from the stage, “No?! You’re gonna be at a show where I’m dressed as a f–king butterfly and not be high? I’m down to share…You better pass that back.”

Jacked from Gossip Cop


Anonymous said...

SMH White people!

Her lil silly ass must've heard it for the first time yesterday and think she on to something new its 13yrs old miley. She has no ass & her pussy IS her crack

Anonymous said...

When is somebody gonna put this trash in a bag and sit it on the curb for pickup? Her ho antics are so played out just like the rest of the talentless hoes turned strippers, that are running rampant in the music industry now. I'm so sick of all of them!

WTF???!!!!! said...

WTF is she on??!!!! This ho bag is on some serious kitten programming and gets a pass for every disgusting thing she does. She has multi-millions from Hannah Montana and doesn't need to be on this whigger trip. Disney execs must've lined up and turnt her out long ago. Her final meltdown is gonna make Britney Spears head shaving incident look normal.

NBA is fixed said...

There is no telling what those Disney demons did to her. There is no way a girl should be acting like this. Even Britney wasn't this screwed up! I hope Billy Ray Cyrus burns in hell; he pimped his daughter out to the Disney demons. I pray for all child stars that have been drugged and sexually abused!

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