Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tiger Woods Tries To Woo Back Elin

Tiger Woods tries to win ex-wife Elin back to avoid hefty alimony payout.

Cheapskate TIGER WOODS is begging his ex to take him back – so he can save a whopping $54 million!
The golfer’s been buttering up Elin Nordegren – and when his girlfriend, Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, found out, she dumped him, sources told The National ENQUIRER.
“Tiger has been sweet-talking Elin in texts, emails and calls in an attempt to wriggle out of a multi-million dollar payment he’s due to make to her in January 2016,” said the source.
Tiger, 39, still owes Elin $54 million as part of their 2010 divorce settlement.
If he doesn’t pay her off by Jan. 15, 2016, he could reportedly lose his home in Jupiter Island, Fla., since a holding company created by Elin holds the home’s mortgage.
Said another insider: “Tiger is worth $600 million, but he’s a tightwad!”The plan “blew up in his face” when Lindsey found out.
Added the source: “It was a huge betrayal to Lindsey. After basically devoting three years to him and his kids, she told Tiger, ‘It’s over!’ It was brutal. He didn’t expect it at all.”
Even worse, Elin – who received $110 million in their divorce after The ENQUIRER unmasked Tiger as a serial cheater – isn’t likely to let him off the hook.
Said the source: “Elin just wants Tiger to settle his debt.”
Meanwhile, Tiger’s two young kids could be “scarred for life” by his split from Lindsey, according to a top expert. Lindsey, 30, was frequently seen with Tiger’s cubs – daughter Sam Alexis, 7, and son Charlie Axel, 6.
Dr. Gilda Carle, who has not treated the youngsters, told The ENQUIRER: “Their father had been with Lindsey for a good part of their lives.
“His children might process the split as something they caused, and suffer a sense of guilt and abandonment.”
Jacked from The National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

Give it up Tiger - your time is long gone!

Anonymous said...

She don't need him. He gave her enough money where she can damn near choose who she want. Give it 10 to 1, it definit won't e a Black man. The Big Dummy

Anonymous said...

This shit is laughable!!

Anonymous said...

Face it tiger you are more Black than Asian and the ice blond got her paydy and she ain't givin' it back. The other white women see that and they ain't checkin' for you.

ThatBKChick said...

That's what his ass gets. A man who doesn't acknowledge from where he came from is doomed. He never had a real sense of "self" and what his place is in the world, because he never came to terms with who he is. He thought he could hide behind his money, but at the end of the day, you became a dirty Negro to the white man who is now laughing at your misfortune and would gladly like to place you at the bottom of your game. It's rumored that his father Earl Woods was a cheater too. The company he keeps: Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, no wonder he was doomed from the end. No one took notes from your hoes to save your woes! I gives no phuck about Tiger Woods if he dropped off the planet tomorrow! I feel sorry for his kids though....his dirty dog past will be forever on the Internet.

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