Friday, July 31, 2015

Edward Droste Drags Taylor Swift

Indie rocker Edward Droste drags Taylor Swift for pure filth.

Indie bandmember Edward Droste tweets that he has first-hand experience that the pop singer’s “been given a free pass for too long”
It appears Taylor Swift now has bad blood with Grizzly Bear frontman Edward Droste.
Droste took to Twitter on Sunday to vent his frustrations with the “Blank Space” pop singer. He first posted a report about her entitled “Mean Girl Taylor’s Friendship Rules!” that compared Swift to “Mean Girls” antagonist Regina George. He captioned the tweet: “Obsessed that people are catching on.”
The star’s fandom — appropriately known as the Swifties — leaped to her defense, while other Twitter users voiced support for the indie bandmember.
He unleashed more tweets in response, saying he has “first hand experience” that Swift’s “been given a free pass for too long.”
Droste also condemned her charity efforts as a means for attention: “her sending gifts to fans and you tubing in, so self serving #gross.”
Read the barrage of tweets below.

Jacked from The Wrap


Anonymous said...

This is a filthy dragging? Really? SMH. Can we get a CIA-esque double agent that's black and from the hood to insert into Taylor's clique so we can get a real dragging?

Anonymous said...

Good! It seems people are finally starting to see Taylor for who she truly is and they're starting to turn on her. She has been given a free ride ever since the Kanye VMA incident 6 years ago. She's been seen as innocent and helpless ever since, even though she was a bully behind the scenes. I'm glad it's all coming to light now.

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