Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rihanna Splashing Out on her New Man

Rihanna spent big bucks on a shopping spree for herself and her boyfriend Matt Kemp.

The 22-year-old singer spent several hours in a luxury department store in Beverly Hills last week searching for presents for her boyfriend, baseball player Matt Kemp. She found several designer items for Matt, and even more for herself, and ended up needing help taking all her purchases back to her waiting car.

“Rihanna went to Barneys in Beverly Hills, where she spent over £30,000 on herself and £10,000 on things for Matt. He got an Armani suit, Prada shoes and a Goyward bag, among other things,” an insider told British magazine More!

“Rihanna loves to shop and she buys stuff for Matt all the time.”
Rihanna started dating Matt earlier this year. They have been on separate continents for most of their romance, with Rihanna touring in Europe and Matt training in Los Angeles.

Despite their long-distance relationship, the couple are closer than ever, and friends say they are the “real deal”.

“What they have is real and solid and it’s tender,” a friend said. “They have grown into being best friends and lovers. He treats her like a princess. It was really hard for her to open up after what happened with Chris Brown, but Matt made her feel safe enough to love him.”

Rihanna split from Chris last year after he assaulted her.
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