Monday, December 13, 2010

Kelsey Grammer Doesn't Watch His Wife on TV

Why would he? All it shows is his ex-wife being fake about their relationship for the cameras.
Kelsey Grammer doesn't like to relive the pain of his failed 13-year marriage to Camille Grammer by watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills each Thursday night.

When Page Six caught up with the 55-year-old actor at the Blue Valentine afterparty at Top of the Standard in NYC Thursday, Kelsey got sheepish when asked if he tuned into the Bravo reality show.

"She can say it," he replied, deferring to his British fiancee Kayte Walsh, 29.

"We don't watch it," she answered curtly, just before the couple packed on the PDA in front of guests including Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling.

Not that the Frasier alum would like what he sees should he happen to watch an episode: Camille's Real Housewives costar Lisa Vanderpump recently slammed the actor's engagement on Twitter.

"Kelsey Grammer engaged? Did I miss something? Don't you think you should get divorced first?" Vanderpump tweeted in her costar's defense. (The couple's divorce has not been finalized, though his rep confirmed his engagement to Walsh on Monday.)
Added Vanderpump: "Just take one step at a a game of chess, that way fewer mistakes and no regrets."
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Anonymous said...

This would not surprise me or anyone...most of the ex-wives of these shows are dellusional about their lies....oops I meant to say wouldnt be reality t.v. Without these dizzy broads.

nba is fixed said...

This is what he gets for marrying a groupie and former MTV dancer. He truly is a "Captain save a Hoe!"

Anonymous said...

Camille is one crazy broad on that show. She is really fake and thinks she's high powered. Ho sit down you've been dumped.

Anonymous said...

He should've been left! That is one ugly broad! Kelsey cancelled that plastic surgery mess and bought him a new bish! Good for him cuz the bish was as looney as a fat bitch at weight loss camp!

Anonymous said...

good for him, she is crazy as hell. and she is a liar. this si the ultimate comes aroound ... because she wanted to start drama on the show with my fave housewife Kyle lol Karma

facingreality said...

Kelsey already knew Camille was a witch - he talked her into doing the show so that everyone else could see what he had been dealing with for years. That way they wouldn't blame the man so much for moving on. One must remember that when the show started Camille was under the impression that her marriage was sound so her comments were legitimate. Such as her complaining about the size of the New York apartment and having 4 nannies to take care of 2 children. She is crazy and now her pitiful existence as a person has been exposed. This is the same women who began to complain about all she has to do and how hard her life is when her mother was discussing her cancer. I would give her half to get rid of her as well....she is evil!

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