Thursday, June 2, 2011

Diddy Sends His Boys to Charm School

Sean 'Diddy' Combs hired an etiquette coach for the Bad Boy staff.
Sean "Diddy" Combs has hired an etiquette coach to teach his Bad Boy staff how to hold wine glasses and chopsticks, among other social niceties. The music mogul recently tapped Dawn Bryan to give staff at his Manhattan-based Bad Boy Records a course on proper dining etiquette, business protocol in foreign countries and other rules of conduct. Bryan, the author of "The Art and Etiquette of Gift Giving," calls herself an "international protocol expert." She recently taught Combs' cohorts lessons including use of dinnerware at formal events, how to hold chopsticks and how to present a business card in Japan, guidance on giving business gifts and how to choose wine, hold a wine glass and eat caviar. A rep for Bad Boy said the lessons were part of a series of training sessions for employees at the company's Midtown offices that are "a protocol for new hires."
Jacked from Page Six


Anonymous said...

He needs that chit himself.

Anonymous said...

My people, you betta wake up!

All this 'hood and ghetto nonsense ain't the bizness. This low-life filth is sending his boys to "charm school" so that they can associate with the "right type" of people which don't include us!

Stop stannin' for folks cuz the black. Most of the blacks you see in the media are there to destroy the race, by way of suggestion.

Think about it.

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