Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes Battle It Out on Twitter

Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes battle it out on Twitter after NeNe agrees with Kim's father's assessment that Kim is a pathological liar.

Kim Zolciak andvarious members of her family have spoken out about Kim’s ongoing dispute with her parents, Karen and Joe Zolciak, but one person Kim was hoping would keep quiet is her former friend, NeNe Leakes.
Unfortunately for Kim, NeNe tweeted a cryptic message, which may or may not have been directed at the woman with the wigs.
On Nov. 19, NeNe tweeted, “Liar Liar ur pants r on fire & finally somebody else is saying it! The truth always comes out n the end.”
And even if NeNe’s tweet wasn’t intended for Kim, Mama Z. didn’t appreciate it. Shortly after NeNe sent out her tweet, Kim shot back, “I wish @neneleakes would keep her mouth shut abt shit that has nothing to do with her! #growup #ignorant.”
NeNe’s tweet was vague, but who else could she be talking about aside from Kim? Do you think NeNe’s tweet was intended for Kim? Weigh in below!
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Anonymous said...

this is the best i've seen loudNe look, she needs to loose the platinum blonde wig.

asking whether kim is a pathological liar and a racist is like trying to figure out the colors in the sky.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't NeNe moved on from even caring about Kim . Kim knows what she is , it's no secret . NeNe why care?

Anonymous said...

Revelation? I think not. If wearing a wig on top of a weave doesn't indicate a bitch is a liar, I don't know what does!

Anonymous said...

A hit dog will holler; if you don't see your name in the Tweet/post or if NeNe didn't tweet it directly to you or said that the tweet was meant for you then there was no reason to comment/tweet and put NeNe's name to it.

Anonymous said...

Why is Kim following Nene's tweets anyway??? Kim is a liar and a racist. Kim go away.

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