Monday, January 13, 2014

Lindsay Lohan Banned from Britney Spears Show

Lindsay Lohan has been banned from attending Britney Spears Las Vegas show by Britney's father Jamie Spears.

Britney Spears is poised for quite a comeback in 2014 — one that is already underway with her killer new two-year residency in Las Vegas, “Piece of Me.” The show opened to rave reviews less than two weeks ago, and fans are saying that the pop megastar is looking better than ever. But one person from Brit’s past that won’t be joining her in her rise back to the top? Former friend and rabble rouser, Lindsay Lohan.
According to reports, Britney’s old party pal has been blocked from attending her Vegas show by the 32-year-old pop star’s own father. Jamie Spears is reportedly doing whatever he can to stop the troubled actress from reconnecting with his daughter.
“Lindsay has always been a big fan of Britney and would love to attend a show,” a source tells In Touch. “But there’s no way she would ever get on the VIP list, because Brit’s dad [and conservator] has a strict ‘No Lindsay’ rule.” Woof, sorry Linds.
Apparently, this isn’t the first time that BritBrit’s pops has barred her from spending time with LiLo — he’s allegedly been trying to enforce this rule since way back in 2007 when the two starlets (along with Paris Hilton) were hitting the LA club scene a little too hard.
“Jamie always felt that Lindsay was a bad influence on Britney,” the source explains. “He wants to keep Britney on the straight and narrow, and that means not being around Lindsay ever again.”
Oh man. Lindsay is totally that friend that your parents hated you hanging out with in high school. You know, the one that convinced you to wear a crop top and go to a college party? However, now that Brit’s in her 30s and LiLo is 27, herself, maybe they should be able to handle this themselves? Just a thought..
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