Monday, April 14, 2014

Azealia Banks Feud Inspired Lily Allen

Singer songwriter Lily Allen says online feud with rapper Azealia Banks helped her find her voice.

Lily Allen says her feud with Azealia Banks helped ''find her voice.''
The 'Hard Out Here' singer admits that her song-writing ''sounded terrible'' during her four year hiatus from music, but claims her Twitter spat with the '212' hitmaker - which started after the New York rapper called her children ''ugly'' - inspired her to pen new material.
Lily, who has daughters Ethel, two, and 15 month old Marnie, with husband Sam Cooper, told The Sun newspaper: ''I tried to write through my pregnancy with my youngest, but the hormones were really weird and it was just really forced and sounded terrible.
''Then it wasn't until I stopped breastfeeding, six months on Azealia tweeted me on Twitter, that I was like, 'Yes you know who I am.' ''
Azealia also took a swipe at the 'Not Fair' singer's husband Sam by saying he looks like a ''thumb'', which forced Lily to brand the rapper a ''one-hit wonder''.
However, Lily insists the harsh comments all contributed to her comeback record 'Sheezus'. She explained: ''I found my voice again then, I just bashed it all out. It was like two years of writing before I found it.''
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Anonymous said...

2 lame artist arguing over nothing. Aint neither one of these chics sells albums.

Anonymous said...

Good for Lily. Sometimes it takes engaging with ugly bxtches to bring back your mojo.

Anonymous said...

One hit? Where? When? Ha!

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